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Let’s hope it rains coffee! But if it doesn’t, we welcome you to try the delicious coffee harvested by the women.

In their farms, the women take care of their plants and collect the cherries when they are mature enough to obtain the best properties from them.

Taking care of the plants all year long and manually collecting from them, they know better than almost anyone how to perform this process.

The women bring their coffee to San Cristobal de las Casas to be roasted. They are in charge of weighing and packaging it with their own hands, they make sure to weigh it and package it. This way they are part of the process from beginning to end.

In last few years, the price of coffee has greatly decreased, so there is not much profit to make from it. The buyers have taken advantage of the communities because their needs forced them to sell at very low prices.

This is why we increased the coffee prices to fair prices because we understand the hard work it takes to create a good coffee without additives.

If you want to purchase the women’s coffee contact us at

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