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Mauricio Raigosa (Sub Ingles)
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Huellas que Trascienden dates back to 2013, when on a trip from Monterrey to Chiapas, I became aware of the extreme poverty and inequality of the region.

Regardless of the cultural diversity and traditions, the great economic and cultural barriers and the lack of knowledge that the indigenous women have make eradicating poverty seem practically impossible.


Hence, Huellas que Trascienden has struggled to break down these barriers and support the women we work with to improve their quality of life, and provide them with access to opportunities that can change their situation.


Director and founder Mauricio Raigosa Treviño.


We work along women of the indigenous communities of Chiapas so that they can improve their living conditions and feel proud of their culture through processes in economic, skills, cultural and professional development.




Mauricio Raigosa Treviño

"“I am very happy to be part of a complex project that can change the world. Ever since I was young, I’ve been very bothered by the social injustice and the lack of opportunities around me, and this is why I founded Huellas."

Director & founder >

Juan Raigosa

"When you're at the top,

your friends will know who you are.

When you're down you'll know

who are your friends."

"Mistakes are part

of your growth.

The one who is not wrong

it's because it does nothing. "

Co- founder >

Magda Treviño

“True happiness is found in giving and helping. Don’t wait for tomorrow to do what you can do today. Love, and do whatever you want.”


Co-founder & secretary >

Rosalinda Lopez Gomez

“I consider myself a sensitive person and I love being in contact with nature. Huellas has helped me grow as a person.”


Administrator & community coordinator  >

Sara Echeverria

“I believe that karma exists. Every one of your actions will eventually come back to you. That is why I put all of my effort into contributing positively into humanity and being a productive inhabitant of our world.”


Treasurer and coordinator >

Tali Karszenbaum

“I believe that a better world is possible, by only listening and learning from another person that faces a different reality and being willing to do something better than what already exists for human evolution. I try to be in contact with nature because that inspires me and teaches me every day. Creativity in everything we do is vital for our existence.”


Marketing & communication >

Marcela Ortiz

“Ever since I knew about Huellas, I knew I wanted to get involved and help out. I think it’s very important to empower women, to give them a voice and to provide education for them. As a Mexican, I love the products that they make and I feel proud of our roots.”


Collaborator >

Marcela Díaz Martinez

“I am very thankful for being able to collaborate in Huellas’ mission. It has been very stimulating for me as a human being, being able to help women become independent and change their mentality towards prosperity in every way. It is an invaluable mission for me. Education is the door to all possibilities.”


Collaborator >

+52 967 631 7229 

Doctor José Felipe Flores 17A Centro

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, México

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